Thursday, 20 April 2017

Carrot Hotdogs !!

I was in two minds about these when I first started watching this video ... but when I saw the little boys reaction ... well I might just give them a go  :-)


  1. I have made these for a few years now and my kids love them too! You can also grill these to make them look even more authentic. Give them a try - you will definitely be surprised!

  2. ohhh what a fab link. Thank you and I love Mrs Armstrongs idea of grilling them on the BBQ to get the marks on it. Clever people you all are!!!

  3. I have yet to make these, but did you see the carrot smoked 'salmon' recipe on my blog, if not - i think you will be impressed

    Also, this is so funny as I have also just blogged about making vegan corndogs.


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