Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter

There are so many ways to celebrate Easter that do not have to involve slices of dead animal on your plate .... not that the television adverts would make you think this.  Seemingly we should all be buying parts of lambs, fresh chickens to roast and even, in direct competition to Christmas ... turkey.

  Whatever you choose to have I hope you enjoy it, me ... well I'll be eating as normal, just things from the freezer or the cupboard, no special shopping needed.


I could have had a chocolate Easter Egg  .... but I chose a bottle of wine instead  ;-)


  1. No egg for me either, but I did have a go at making hot cross buns. Given the disaster when I tried once before, was a great relief when they turned out OK!

    1. Phew :-) I've never made them myself, so well done. I bought a pack of Tesco's own ... they were vegan lots of them aren't.


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